Photography By Rob Morris


Rob covers all kinds of equestrian and country events. He is available for animal portraiture and yard visits and can offer a print on site service for competitions, fun days, social events and fundraisers.

Wedding and Civil Partnerships
Pet Portraiture
Visual Art
Charity Work
Becky and Davids Wedding
Benwick Charity Ride
British Driving Society 17th May 2015
Cambridge and District Riding Club Show Jumping 6th April 2015
Champagne Driving Championships 5th July 2015
Charity Bike Show
Charlies Dog Photo Shoot 19th April 2014
CWA 2013
CWA BD Team Quest 13th June 2015
CWA BD Team Quest 28th March 2015
CWA British Dressage 13th December 2014
CWA British Dressage 14th February 2015
CWA British Dressage 14th March 2015
CWA British Dressage 15th November 2014
CWA British Dressage 17th January 2015
CWA British Dressage 18th July 2015
CWA British Dressage 20th June 2015
CWA British Dressage 8th August 2015
CWA Dressage 10th January 2015
CWA Dressage 11th April 2015
CWA Dressage 1st August 2015
CWA Dressage 1st November 2014
CWA Dressage 2nd May 2015
CWA Dressage 4th July 2015
CWA Dressage 6th December 2014
CWA Dressage 6th June 2015
CWA Dressage 7th February 2015
CWA Dressage 7th March 2015
CWA Dressage To Music 1st February 2015
CWA Dressage to Music 29th March 2015
CWA NSEA 16th May 2015
CWA NSEA 28th February 2015
CWA NSEA Show Jumping 29th November 2014
CWA Show Jumping 20th December 2014
CWA Show Jumping 21st February 2015
CWA Show Jumping 22nd August 2015
CWA Show Jumping 22nd November 2014
CWA Show Jumping 23rd May 2015
CWA Show Jumping 25th April 2015
CWA Team Quest 15th August 2015
East Anglian British Driving Society 2014
East of England Showground 6th July 2014
Fenning Farm Dressage 24th August 2014
Fenning Farm Dressage 27th July 2014
Fenning Farm Dressage Championships 19th October 2014
Fenning Farm Show Jumping 20th July 2014
Fenning Farm Unaffiliated Dressage 14th September 2014
Fenning Farm Unaffiliated Dressage 29th June 2014
Grace Photo Shoot
Isleham Horse Trials 2014
Melbourn Showing Show 27th April 2014
Naughty 4th October 2014
Neale Wade 6th Form Ball 2nd May 2014
Neale Wade Awards Presentation 2014
Neale Wade Leavers Ball
Neale Wade Sports Presentation 21st July 2014
Neale Wade Sports Presentation Evening 20th July 2015
NSEA Dressage 31st January 2015
Piggy French
Pre Prom Shoot 26th June 2015
Puckeridge Hunt Pony Club 15th June 2014
Saffron Walden and District Riding Club 21st April 2014
Saffron Walden Eventer Trial 13th April 2014
Southhill Park Charity Ride 12th October 2014
Studio Shoot 20th August 2014
Studio Shoot 24th March 2015
Studio Shoot 25th March 2015
Studio Shoot 27th May 2014
Studio Shoot Black and White 20th August 2014
The Mayors Charity Ball 2014
Triathlon Chatteris 2nd August 2015
Wedding Anniversary March Golf Club
Wedding of Sharon and Henry Shepherd
Whittlesey Bike Race